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Now with 20 second recorder!

Decorate the tree with the voices of loved ones

  • the first sounds of a new grandchild (or the heartbeat from a sonogram)
  • the adorable ramblings of a toddler
  • a practiced song from a grade-schooler's winter pageant
  • a grandparent's treasured words of wisdom
  • a bride's 'thank-you' to parents and attendants
  • a serviceman's greeting to family
  • even the 'woofing' of the family dog
Keepsake Quality (you won’t lose a treasured message!)

While easy to record (and re-record if you need a ‘do-over') , Holiday Voices' patented design ensures that the message you want to keep can't be accidentally erased or recorded over! And the message remains even if the batteries fail! Plus, the high quality record mechanism captures the 'true' sound of a loved one's voice.

Dimensions:   4 inches (top to bottom)
  2 inches (photo frame)


Pre-season sale thru October 31st!

1 @ $18.95 $17.95 each
2 - 5 @ $17.95 $16.95 each
6+ @ $16.95 $15.95 each

Place your order now - Ornaments will ship the week of November 7

Customer Remarks:
“Just wanted to let you know that I'm so glad to see you all still selling this product. We have one that we got years ago at the Marine Corps exchange in Okinawa. It is, literally, our most precious possession. It has a photo of our two (then very young) kids, each wishing a merry Christmas to mommy and daddy. The voice quality is superb. Every year, I show it to the new/younger parents where I now work since retiring from the Marines. Just "telling" them just produces a kind of "Oh, that's interesting" type of reaction. But when I SHOW it to them, they melt. I do it because I know how precious this is and want them to be able to freeze that moment just like we've been able to do. Bottom line, I love your product. Thank you for producing one that is QUALITY--not like the other "cheapo" things I've seen that look flimsy and sound terrible. Hope you all are around for many years to come.” ~ Ron Yowell, San Antonio, Texas
"Last year I purchased 5 of your ornaments for my parents to record and give to myself + my 4 siblings for Christmas. Little did I know when we were having so much fun recording, that it would be my Dad's last Christmas. I wanted you to know how much these ornaments mean to us now that Dad has passed away...we can still hear his voice saying Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Hallelujah! At my dad's memorial service my daughter was sharing special moments about him and the last thing she shared was the recorded message -- very few dry eyes after that. I just wanted to express my appreciation to your company for providing me the means in which to have my dad's voice wish me a merry christmas every year." ~ Susan Gilbert
Due to unavailability of the Holiday Voices last Christmas, I was forced to find an alternative so that we could continue our family tradition..what I found was absolutely AWFUL and a total waste of money! The ornaments sold by Holiday Voices are far superior in every way to any that I have ever seen before.
~Cindy Patterson
"I've been recording my kids each year since the 16 year old was 3. What an awesome tree it makes! Thank you! I am so glad to see that you have them again this year."
~Kim Pedersen

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